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Sea algae, caviare, pearls, collagen and minerals, or marine beauty encyclopedia

Hello my lovelies,

Today, I have a review of “marine” treasures, i.e. cosmetics with a content of sea algae, collagen, caviare, pearls and minerals. If you wish to look and feel like a Venus — you’re in the right place. Come on, step into my marine beauty parlour 🙂 I hope you’ll find here the natural ingredient that can help you in skin care.

Marine cosmetics — why you should try these

Most of all because these are a powerful weapon in the fight for young skin and additionally take great care of allergy prone skin. Perfectly heal and sooth, improve general appearance and condition of the skin, transport numerous high-quality components to the skin in order to hydrate, provide firmness, elasticity and suppleness. Skin gains glow and is energised but also stronger on the inside due to natural, devoid of chemicals elements.

Marine cosmetics — which to choose?

Each of valuable substances has slightly different properties — enjoy the review of marine treasures.

Marine minerals — cosmetic properties

You must know that skin loves marine minerals. These are components that are immediately absorbed. Penetrate deep skin layers and start their “beautifying clearing-up”. Marine minerals have rejuvenating and regenerative action on the epidermis and improve blood circulation — for us, it means as much as that the skin is better supplied with oxygen and processes in skin cells are faster and more efficient. You can go ahead and say that marine minerals are a nourishing kick for the skin. Quick and efficient, support collagen fibres and elastin in the skin. The most elements and minerals are to be found in the Dead Sea (10 times greater concentration than in any other marine reservoir). It is the reason why cosmetics from the Dead Sea are the most prestigious and if you have a privilege of choice — choose these cosmetics.

Marine algae — cosmetic properties

Algae also are known as seaweed — is used for more than beauty purposes. You can eat it due to the content of vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, protein, lipids, chlorophyll and trace elements which make algae care for your beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside as a dietary supplement. Algae are perfect for skin care of dry, mature and acne-prone skin. These will balance sebum secretion, flatten wrinkles, boost skin suppleness and act as lifting. Algae are used in anti-cellulite creams, eye creams and all other: day and night, BB, CC, DD creams, face and hair masks, body scrubs. Algae are irreplaceable for most skin related problems, even more — it’s an amazing detox for skin cells.

Caviare — beauty purposes

Food of nobles 😉 As far as caviare is not the taste that goes well with everyone, our skin will certainly appreciate it. Therefore, it is a perfect remedy for wrinkles. It contains lots of unsaturated fatty acids which in a brilliant way take care of skin condition, strengthen, repair and improve cells work like none other. If you deal with any sort of skin dehydration, vitality loss, then oils and fatty acids are the most precious thing you can give your skin and hair. Caviare is frequently chosen as a component of anti-wrinkle creams for mature skin due to being perfectly capable to boost skin density.

Marine collagen — beauty purposes

Marine collagen reaches even the deepest skin layers, including dermis (believe me, not every substance is able to do that). Marine collagen is entirely natural protein. It is obtained, among many, from wild-caught snapper. It has outstanding ability to gather water, due to this fact it quickly boosts elasticity of the skin, flattens wrinkles and improves firmness of epidermis. Marine collagen is frequently used substance by anti-ageing creams’ manufacturers. When you choose an anti-ageing cosmetic, remember that collagen and elastin go hand in hand — together these create the perfect duet in the fight for a young appearance of the skin.

Sea salt — beauty purposes

It is a perfect way to relax muscles. I personally often add sea salt to my evening bath — it is rich in vitamins and minerals. You must know that sea salt not only makes the bath more pleasurable but is also great scrub: stimulates blood circulation by penetrating the skin and cleansing it. It perfectly exfoliates epidermis, provides smoother and makes skin supple. Sea salt impacts tissues removing excess water so that skin can be more elastic and full of vitality.

Amber — beauty purposes

Earnings, necklaces and rings with amber can greatly emphasise women’s beauty, but you must know that this “sea gold” is rich in precious Succinic acid which amazingly takes care of skin and hair. Amber has anti-oxidant properties, soothes, sanitises and is antibacterial. In a magnificent way revitalises skin and aids regeneration. Due to amber being a component of face creams and treatments for hair care.

Have you found the one you wish to try among “marine treasures”? I’m a big fan of algae and sea salt. I often reach for caviare in the under-eye creams. Do you know any “sea cosmetics” that are worth recommending? You have to let me know 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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