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My Morning Routine – Skin Care that Makes Sense

Hello, girls 🙂

Today, a few words about healthy and unhealthy beauty habits… Why I’m being so preachy?

My neighbor made me write the text. As it turned out, she thinks that I must need lots of time in the morning for the proper skin care as I write about beauty products and care. She asked me what time I actually get up to do that. I guess many of you think that I wake up in the middle of the night and (half asleep) begin my treatments and rituals, lasting hours and known exclusively to experts and professionals… Is this what reality looks like?

On the other hand, my dear gals, my morning beauty routine is ultra quick and super effective because it takes so little time, that’s for sure. Tbh, in the morning, I don’t ‘smudge’ the skin, neither torment it or apply too many products. I follow healthy minimalism which is, to me, the key to stunning, youthful skin. My skin works and looks better when it’s treated with fewer products.

That’s why I only use what’s necessary and my morning routine focuses on health and general well-being rather than on time-consuming skin care and even more time-consuming makeup. It would make no sense: make skin flawless to cover it up with make-up. Paradox. So, what does my morning beauty routine look like?

1. Exercise

Nope, I don’t run a marathon. My morning exercising aims at bringing harmony to the entire body. I do pilates which takes up to 15 minutes. It is brilliant: I correct my posture, put my thoughts in order, stimulate the body, produce endorphins and I’m wide awake. I don’t feel like dropping dead and exhausted on the floor or build my abdominal muscles at dawn. Pilates exercises stimulate the body in a really nice way plus have a positive influence on the back and condition of the body throughout the day. They don’t exhaust you. They harmonize and put you in a good mood for the whole day.

2. Warm water with lemon

If we get round to keeping our bodies healthy, let’s use tried and tested, easy patents! What are the benefits of having a glass of water with lemon? It is like an effective body detox, helps toxins get out of the body, stimulates, helps to keep basic pH of body fluids (thanks to deacidifying properties). It stimulates digestive system, helps us keep slim, lets us enjoy flawless skin, boosts energy. We should remember that lemon contains lots of biologically valuable substance e.g. Resveratrol.

Not only does it deliver a boost of vitamin C and extremely important, biologically active ingredients (vitamins B1, B6, A, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, flavones, tarpons, polyphenols) at the very beginning of the day but also excellently hydrates the body because water and lemon work like a natural electrolyte.

If you feel like giving this morning ritual a try, make sure that a lemon you buy is good quality. After all, it is supposed to work for your well-being. You are gonna see the effect after around two weeks.

3. Face & body care & cleansing

Long, intensive treatments is the worst thing you can do to your skin in the morning. After the night, skin is rested, regenerated, fresh-looking. So to prepare it for the whole day, all you need to do is use a toner or hydrosol (even better) and pat on a moisturiser enriched with UVA and UVB filter (therefore, make sure your day creams have a high SPF). That’s it… really. When it comes to skin care, that’s all your skin needs.

Don’t weigh it down with oils, apply advanced serums or torment it with exfoliating gels – let it work, protect it from the external outside elements. A high-quality moisturiser is the basis.

4. Subtle make-up

That’s right. Many people think that a beauty blogger must look like, excuse the expression, a cake face. It’s not at all true. The more you know about skin, its structure, skin products, the better your skin care routine is. It is quality that matters, not quantity. Sometimes, I give up on make-up and let my skin breathe or I like to apply only a mineral powder which both gives a gentle matte effect and conditions skin thanks to precious minerals.

A fine-quality BB cream (preferably, Korean cream because, let’s face it, they have the largest number of active substances delivering lots of skin benefits) is my foundation in winter time.

Obviously, mascara and eyebrow pomade are the daily must-use. I finish my makeup with a subtle lip gloss, nude eyeshadow and a protective lip balm. That’s a brilliant minimalist routine which results from skin care knowledge and experience.

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