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My Hair Story. What Is My Scalp Care Like?

Hello, girls!

I know you’ve been looking forward to this post. So get ready and read on to discover my hair story. How has my hair changed? What products have I been using? How does my hair look now? What products can I recommend? Enjoy!


When I think about my teenage years, it sends shivers down my spine. My hairdo had to be perfect and orderly back then; no single hair could stick out. That’s why I would get up early and style my hair, section by section, and apply lots of styling products (mousses, gels, sprays). My hairdo must have looked awful: stiff, dull, weighed down… I remember I had a huge problem combing the strands out. The cosmetic build-up made a crust on my scalp so I had to use SLS shampoos. They made my scalp dry and sebaceous glands started producing more sebum. I faced oily scalp, dandruff and irritations.


When I was a teenager I couldn’t ‘collect’ professional hair styling products. My budget was limited – pocket money from my parents. That’s why I used to buy cheap cosmetics and their ingredients weren’t impressive. It led to poorer hair and scalp condition. The poor quality of styling products equals damaged and dehydrated hair. Back then, I had no idea about a decent hair care. Luckily, it changed after hair bleaching. My hair got brittle, started thinning and hair ends were very distressed. This was the time I began treating my hair the right way.


A lot of time has passed since the tragic bleaching treatment. My hair looks much better yet it’s not fully repaired. I still struggle with split hair tips and dry mid-lengths. However, my scalp is moisturised, I have no problem with dandruff or oily scalp. Obviously, I’ve given up on hairstyling cosmetics. I’m not going to have my hair colored or bleached. I use a hair dryer and curling wand from time to time. Moisturising, nourishing and conditioning products are in my daily hair care routine. Brushing and styling are trouble-free.


Finally, I can afford professional hair products. I wash my hair with a regenerating Vichy Dercos or Pirolam shampoo. I also use hair oils, masks and conditioners. I like hair oils most. 3 Miracle Oil Aussie (with avocado, macadamia and jojoba), Kerastase Elixir Ultime and L’Oreal Mythic Oil are my favorites. I also have masks and conditioners that I like most: Garnier Ultra Doux with karite butter and avocado oil, Garnier Fructis Grow Strong, Kallos keratin mask, Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle with argan oil.

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