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Galifornia Benefit Cosmetics Pink Blush – the most beautiful cosmetic I have ever used


Hi beautiful girls!

How many times have you bought a cosmetics because of its beautiful packaging? It happened to me once but I do not regret it at all. A few weeks ago, I ordered online a blusher from Benefit Cosmetics. The product stole my heart by its gorgeous packaging. At first it was ment to be a decoration for my dressing tabele and a product used only from time to time. It turned out that it is a great cosmetic of amasing shade. It completes my spring-summer look. I cannot do without it anymore. Keep on reading to find out why I love it so much. 


Galifornia blusher from Benefit Cosmetics comes in a beautiful box. At first, it does not even resemble a cosmetics, rather a jewellery box. On the lid of the package you can see a photo of a girl with pink hair. Inside, there is a mirror in a golden frame. The pink blusher on its own looks also very impressive. A golden sun was extruded on its surface. It is surrounded by pink eyes resembling doodling from children’s notebooks.


Benefit Galifornia is recommended for all skin types. The product has a creamy formula, which spreads well on the skin. It does not emphasize dry skin, does not dry and does not rub off during the day. Cosmetics from Benefit Cosmetics can be applied with either a brush or a powder puff. What is more, if you want to have a mini cosmetic kit, you can order a brush in the same color as the pink package on the manufacturer’s website.

How to apply Galifornia Benefit Cosmetics to your cheeks? First of all, say CHEESE. Once you smile, the apples of your cheeks become visible and that is where you should apply a little cosmetic as well as along the cheekbones. If you think the effect is too delicate, add another layer. To get a pink – golden shade, blend two colors of the product.


After applying the cosmetic, you can smell the wonderful aroma. When you read the list of components, you will notice that the substance responsible for the smell is in the beginning. In addition, the blusher also includes minerals, components responsible for colouring and sebum absorption. Galifornia pink plusher from Benefit Cosmetics is the perfect product for people with sensitive skin.

Girls, if you still do not know what cheek blusher to choose, then try Galifornia from Benefit Cosmetics. I sincerely recommend it!


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